‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy Foundation

The ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy Foundation leverages a worldwide community, innovative technology and resources to help promote the right to privacy online. We advocate that companies and individuals should retain control and ownership over their information online as well as greater levels of transparency around 3rd party data collection and usage.

The Foundation will serve to promote data privacy with the following efforts:

  • Support and advise on the development of applications and products that promote data privacy and transparency.
  • Certify products and companies who comply with the ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy Standard.
  • Work with advocacy groups in the fight to defend the right to privacy at a legislative level.

Through this shared understanding and implementation of privacy principles, trust and freedom in the online world will develop in a beneficial manner to all.

The ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy Foundation is currently filing to receive its 501c3 status.


The Founding Community

SpiderOak¬†builds ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy cloud technologies and the backend infrastructure to run and operate these services. SpiderOak offers a private online backup, sync, and sharing utility for consumers, professionals, small businesses and enterprises who are looking to gain the benefits of the cloud without relinquishing control of their data. Additionally, SpiderOak provides an open source ‘zero-knowledge’ application framework called Crypton that can be used to build applications based off its cryptographic experience as well as an open source commercial grade archival data storage system, Nimbus.io.